Brown alumna blogs about her experiences in Egypt

Mariya Petkova (‘09), a graduate of the IR program at Brown, works as a journalist in Egypt covering the events there for the local and Bulgarian media. Since January 25, she has been documenting her personal account of the events in Egypt on her blog, A Bulgarian in Egypt.

Her inspiring blog features illuminating photos (like the one shown above), personal interactions with Egyptian citizens, commentary on the political situation in Egypt, and much more. In one poignant post, Petkova describes, in full gruesome detail, her arrest and detainment by Egyptian authorities:

“…Next they brought in 6 blindfolded arrestees that looked particularly poor and destitute. They made them kneel down facing the wall which was already bloody from previous beatings. The officers started mocking them and eventually one grabbed an army knife and started beating them with it on the head and back. They were kicking them so hard that the arrestees would hit their heads in the wall….”

It is a true understatement to say that Mariya is brave in her journalistic endeavors in Egypt. Her inspirational work reminds us here at Brown that there is much more to a Brown education than simply an Ivy League degree. Rather, our experiences here should embolden us to go out and have a positive impact on the world, as Mariya is doing currently.

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  1. dee

    By Mariya’s own admission, she’s in Egypt because she couldn’t get a job in the US. It’s got nothing to do with having a positive impact. As for reporting events regarding the revolution, every writer has gotten on that bandwagon in the hope that it will kick start their journalistic career. I wouldn’t call this positive impact but selfish gain

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