WSJ shoutout to Spring Weekend foam party

In an article appearing in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, a few Brown events were mentioned as creative, alcohol-free alternatives to the traditional binge-drinking infused college parties the media tends to report on:

At Brown University in Providence, R.I., an alcohol-free “foam party,” a dance with the floor flooded with bubbles, draws about 600 students during Spring Weekend, a series of student-run events to celebrate the near-ending of the school year, when drinking is higher than usual, says Erin Hannen, a junior at Brown.

Others, however, are up-front. At Brown University, an “Art Gallery Mocktail Party” at fall orientation for the past two years has drawn 20% of incoming freshman,” says organizer Halie Rando, a senior at Brown.

While this is possibly the first time the phrases “alcohol-free” and “Spring Weekend” have been mentioned in the same sentence, it is nice to see a News Corp subsidiary highlight something nice about our University as opposed to trashing our “pure debauchery”.

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