Providence is bringing the HEAT: Upcoming concerts

Providence has traditionally had a hard time stacking up to New York and Boston when it comes to booking concerts, but this spring is already looking pretty promising.

Lil’ Wayne “I’m Still Music Tour”- Wednesday March 16th at Dunkin’ Donuts Center

Weezy’s managers must have been working overtime. Mr. Carter is back after his stint in jail and he’s already hitting the road for a two month tour. Although his recent tracks didn’t receive the same acclaim as those on Tha Carter III, this show should be filled with sizzurp drenched rhymes and a number of guest performers, including Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj!

Wiz Khalifa-Monday February, 21st at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

After a sellout performance at UNH, Wiz and his crew are coming to Providence. Unfortunately this concert is sold out, but craigslist is always an option if hearing “Say Yeah” and “Black & Yellow” is really worth twice the box office price. If scalped tickets isn’t your thing, Wiz just released a free mixtape “Cabin Fever.”

GWAR-Wednesday February 23rd at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

In a change from the regular lineup of performers at Lupo’s (cover bands, washed up screamo groups and Sara Bareilles), GWAR will bring their absurd and obscene antics to the stage. GWAR can be best explained as a combination of thrash metal, satire and intricate extraterrestrial costumes. While GWAR is a musical act, fans flock to the live shows for the band’s fabled theatrics, which include tossing fake blood and body parts into the crowd.

Girl Talk- Friday February 25th at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

To close out the week, Girl Talk, one of the big up and coming mashup artists, will be performing at Lupo’s. If you are a fan of mashups or haven’t ever really been interested in the genre, this showcould easily change your mind. His live performances, during which he cues up tracks on a laptop, might seem boring at first, but Girl Talk proves that all he needs is a good soundsystem and Ableton Live to create memorable dance parties night after night.

Bassnectar-Tuesday April 19th at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

If you: like to rage, are a fan of raging, or rage often, then seeing Bassnectar perform should be at the top of your list of things to do. Bassnectar has come to dominate the mainstream dubstep world, along with the likes of Skrillex and Rusko (performing in Boston on 4/26: Rusko Concert). From dubstep to DnB to drumstep, Lorin Ashton (the man behind the pseudonym) delivers a show that emphasizes all that is good and holy about bass heavy dance music.

Of Montreal-Tuesday April 26th at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

Of Montreal, with its constantly evolving of musical style, returns to Providence after last appearing at Brown’s Spring Weekend in 2009.  “Everybody who’s seen their shows said they’re pretty crazy”, says a student in an ’09 issue of the BDH. So if you missed their performance at Brown and are a fan of  indie/psychedelic/retro/(insert any other genre of music here) music,  be sure to check out the show.

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  1. Bruno Mars

    GirlTalk “up and coming”? He played at Spring Weekend ’07 (and was excellent) and has only put out one mediocre album since.

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