Web Civ: (#yourlabelofchoicehere) Girl Problems on Twitter

For many people here in the 21st century, Twitter is not a just a means of broadcasting personal tidbits, but rather a stage on which to entertain and amuse.  While this blog uses its Twitter for posting updates, others take alternate routes.  A popular route to take is the route of girl problems. This recent fad takes a certain demographic or category of girls and pokes fun at their ridiculous lifestyles (via Twitter). However, as you will find out after the jump, they are all apples from the same tree.

The most popular and undisputed founder of this trend is White Girl Problems.  From eating disorders to boyfriend problems to expensive cars, @whitegrlproblem never fails to point out the absurd and hilarious (to over 120,00 followers). Though it may only preach to a certain Prada-wearing, Brazilian blowout-type princess, many girls can relate (one way or another).

The close cousin (from Long Island) of White Girl Problems is Jewish Girl Problems. This account may ring true for many Brown students (or UMichigan JAPs for that matter). Jewish Girl Problems touches on Birthright, Matzoh Ball soup, winter breaks in the Caribbean, and much more.

Sorority Girl Problems is really not that different from the previous two Twitter accounts we have seen. Perhaps it focuses more on drinking, partying, and sex, but the same basic comedic strategies apply.

Last (and yes, least) is Cornell Girl Problems, which is just the Cornell version of any of the previous three accounts. Here is a sample post:

Honorable mention: Yale Girl Problems. With only 40 followers, the infant Twitter account uses Yale-specific humor. James Franco references ensue:

Though Cornell and Yale are the only two schools to have girl problem Twitter accounts in the Ivy League, perhaps more are to come. We fear, however, the controversy that would surround the inception of a Brown Girl Problems Twitter (for obvious reasons), so, for now, we Brunonians must cope with what we have.

As we’ve seen, girls have problems, especially that white, Jewish, sorority girl at Cornell.

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