Cup o'(Pro) Jo: February 25, 2011

The Providence School Board passed a resolution to give a termination notice to all 1,926 Providence public school teachers last night after a public hearing. Over 700 teachers attended the event, with over two hours of testimony from teachers and community members. The notice terminates all teachers until the School Board manages the budget and selects which teachers will keep their jobs for next year.

Mob boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio, arrested in the “biggest mob take-down in Federal Bureau of Investigation history” is being held without bail to await his trial next week, when he may be able to leave on “highly restrictive bail.” Magistrate Judge Martin has ordered that the mobster be watched under 24 hour surveillance and that the house of his brother be searched.

A string of “pizza delivery burglaries” have been solved. Two men have been accused of approaching houses dressed as pizza delivery men and upon confirming the residents were not home, proceeded to fill the “insulated sleeve with assorted jewelry,” said Maj. Robert W. Ryan of the Cranston Police Department.

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