Chow Down Brown: Blue Cheese, Sushi, WTF

This isn't actually at the Blue Room, but it IS a model for all sushi everywhere.

Many of us had our first fateful encounters with Blue Room sushi at the beginning of last fall. There it was, a beacon of grab-and-go snackage, the keeper of light and healthy lunches and our ticket out of insurmountable lines. There was something idyllic about tucking into a cucumber and avocado roll while sitting on the Main Green as a respite from shopping period. And judging by the always ransacked cooler, it’s still a big hit. But recently, a line was crossed.

I introduce you to the Spicy Steak Bomb sushi roll. (What?) It seems like the sushi equivalent of attention-grabbing preteen antics… but it’s not. All year, Shanghai’s supplied us with California rolls, Manhattan rolls, salmon tempura, and now this? The roll itself consists of rare steak, which might even be good if it wasn’t topped with spicy blue cheese mayo. Yes. This sounds like a stoner’s end-of-the-night secret indulgence. Let’s get one thing straight: blue cheese does not belong in spicy mayo. It just… doesn’t. It gives rise to other more probing questions, like where does the soy sauce come in? What about ginger? At some point, the hectic compilation of random ingredients will get too weird for even itself, like some culinary Frankenstein, and something bad–very bad–will happen. Maybe that’s where the “bomb” part comes in. Nothing good can come from this, friends. Just… no good.

As it is, it’s a little goofy to charge $7.75 for pre-made sushi, especially when avocado rolls are listed on Shanghai’s website as $3.75. Whether that’s the Blue Room’s fault or Shanghai’s, it needs to be fixed. But, for heaven’s sake, steak + blue cheese + spicy mayo + seaweed + sticky rice = seriously, seriously questionable. At any price.

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  1. over9000

    spicy steak bomb is my favorite! i love all of the rolls with the spicy mayo, but that one is the best.

    soy sauce does kind of clash (i use it anyways) but it’s not like soy sauce is a NECESSARY part of sushi, d00dette. ginger isn’t, either, although i eat it plain at the end sometimes.

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