Brown Barrel: ROTC

The Brown Barrel is an alliance of Brown’s written and performance comedy groups. This column runs twice a week. The first is short written humor, the second foretells upcoming comedy events.

Brown stripped the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps of its academic status during the widely-opposed-by-students Vietnam War. Then we forgot about all that and started excluding ROTC from Brown based on other criteria. But now the military has changed its ways and it’s apparently time to reconsider. Can its college officer commissioning program buck the trend of ROTCs that have been successfully kept off Brown’s campus?

Reserve Officer Tanning Club
Red Oyster Tasting Cult
Rattlesnakes On The Campus
Rich Oil Tycoon Coalition
Revenge Of The Clones
Raunchy Orangutan Tango Company
Raptors Opposed To Change

Campus is significantly more livable without rattlesnakes and complacent raptors.

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