Free food digest: March 3, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.


Brown Bag Series in Archaeology
Rhode Island Hall, Room 108
12-1 pm

Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Egyptology Laurel Bestock will be giving a talk on her year-long field work in Egypt. Pizza and soda will be provided.

Great Women Mathematicians
Kassar House, Davis Room
12-1 pm

In celebration of Women’s History Month, MathWiSe will be giving a presentation on prominent female mathematicians and their work. A Q&A about math and applied math grad school will follow. FREE KABOB and CURRY!  

Exclusivity at the TWC–an MPC Workshop
Faunce, Multipurpose Room
4-6 pm

This is one of those events that we have to feel a little guilty about advertising just due to the free food…but free pizza is free pizza.

Janus Political Union: Mubarak’s Downfall: Views from the Ground
Macmillan 117
7-9 pm

Michael Dawkins ’12 and Amanda Labora ’12 will discuss their experiences in and evacuation from Egypt. Free Nice Slice pizza will be served.

Thursday Night Torah
7 pm

As per usual, a free kosher dinner will be waiting for those who want to come discuss Judaism.

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