Chow Down Brown: Blue State State of Mind

The College Hill Café brings together two spectacular things: Blue State’s coffee and the ability to use declining balance. It’s hard to even consider going to the Blue State hub further up Thayer when you can use Monopoly money at its bookstore location. If you’re lucky enough to snag a table near a plug, it makes an excellent study location, too, within easy reach of as much caffeine as your little heart desires.

This experience is only made all the merrier by the discovery of two more spectacular things: dirty chai and grilled cheese. Dirty chai, in addition to being fun to order, is delicious to drink. It’ll give you your coffee jolt and tea fix simultaneously by way of an espresso shot dumped into a tall glass of creamy, spicy chai. (How did it take humanity so long to put those two together?) Sip this alongside Blue State’s rendition of the grilled cheese, which panini-presses multigrain bread with sharp white cheddar until it’s charred just-so, providing you with a crispy, melty, soul-warming final product. The sandwich itself inspires angelic choruses; the combination is a magical thing, the perfect fuel for a Sunday afternoon spent studying.


  1. Josh

    When you mean monopoly money do you actually mean meal credits/points? Is this for serious…?

  2. Rémy (Author)

    No, I mean declining balance!!! Not quite as good, but still…

  3. over9000

    Yeah, I guess that’s preferable to cash in that you don’t have to carry your wallet around…?

  4. Rémy Robert (Author)

    Yeah, and if your bank isn’t in Providence, ATMs cost a ton of money. And paying for something with declining balance means you’re not paying for it out of pocket. That doesn’t make it less of a purchase, but it’s still really nice and really convenient.

  5. over9000

    so it’s basically like a credit card yeah

  6. Rose

    Well, for a lot of us, parents pay for a certain amount of declining balance each year, so that money is kind of like monopoly money, whereas actual cash might have to come from our own bank accounts. I get what you’re saying!

  7. over9000

    I think it’s funny that some students take so for granted the fact that their parents beef up their declining balances that they think of it as fake money. (The author of this post may have even forgotten that the money on her card came from Mommy’s and Daddy’s wallets, not her Brown tuition!)

    Not judgin’; my parents provide me with a lot of stuff, too. But I don’t think of their money as any less real than my own, lmao.

  8. Rémy Robert (Author)

    No, I don’t take that money for granted — I know it’s just as real as my own. But when you’re spending money that was given to you by someone else rather than money that you worked hard to earn/save, yeah, that expenditure’s gonna feel like a lot less off your back. That’s all I’m saying.

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