“Hermes Editeur” lecture tonight!

At 8:00 pm tonight, Brown alumnus Pierre-Alexis Dumas ’91 and Chief Creative Officer of Hermes will be lecturing on “Hermes Editeur: A Journey on Silk from Art to Craft.” The lecture will take place at the new Granoff Center in the Martinos Auditorium, and will go from 8:00-10:00 pm. The lecture is also free. The description of the lecture reads,

“It is the constant tension of design challenging craft that helps us develop skill and knowledge. That necessary tension is at the heart of the creative process. How do we generate change in order to keep our traditions alive? In 2008, Hermès Editeur was born out of the desire to challenge this tradition further and bridge fine and contemporary art together with silk-printing craft. Dumas’ talk will focus on the genesis and contents of the first two series of Hermès Editeur, featuring Josef Albers’s Homage to the Square, as well as Daniel Buren’s Photo-souvenirs au Carré. Sponsored by the Brown University Creative Arts Council and the Rhode Island School of Design Apparel Design Department.”

So, whether you’re interested in fashion, love Hermes, want to attend an interesting lecture, or are interested in seeing what the space of the new Granoff center is like, go check this out.

Image via media.onsugar.com

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