Time-waster of the day: March 7, 2011

Poseiden--Badass of the week of February 4th

As your mind wanders during today’s lecture on cis-trans isomers or Israel’s foreign policy, you might imagine a far-off time and place in which you’re fighting the forces of evil or saving the world (or the universe depending on the day and the size of your ego). The best tool for procrastination and wasting time is your imagination after all.

The website Badass of the Week is fodder for the fire. Distract yourself by reading about the 21 Sikhs and their battle at Saragarhi (think 300 with turbans) and Princess Pingyang (Mulan for adults), and daydream about them in Econ the next day. Think of it as productive procrastination.

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  1. Connecticut

    Good choice! My two favorite badasses are Michael the archangel and the honey badger.



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