Introducing: BearDailyHerald

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a familiar, handsome face making appearances in a number of BlogDailyHerald posts as well as on Twitter and Facebook.  Since his likeness has first graced the Blog, he has provided the organization with a new sense of grit, tenacity and a love of honey. For these reasons, it is our great honor to introduce BlogDailyHerald’s new mascot: BearDailyHerald.

BearDailyHerald (aka, Bear, BearDaily, Dat Daily Bear, or BearDH for short) is now the face of the Blog, and frankly, we could not have made a better choice.  

The bear has been Brown University’s mascot  for many centuries and it seemed fitting that we choose a member of the species as the official mascot. Many talented and notable bears were considered for the position, including Fozzie Bear, Paddington Bear, BearNightlyHerald (who wound up getting the mascot job with our rivals BlogNightlyHerald), and a nice polar bear named Shep.  While all of the candidates who applied for the position had their own unique talents and convictions, BearDailyHerald stood out from the crowded field of contenders.

BearDaily grew up in a small forest just south of Burlington, Vermont, living in an extended family that never provided a dull moment:

“My family and I are so close, if anyone approached me when I was younger, my mom would literally tear them to shreds. It’s hard to find that kind of support here at Brown.”

At the age of five, DatDailyBear decided to move south to the big city of Providence, Rhode Island, with the hopes of making it big in one of America’s most storied college towns.

“I think it’s my face; there is something about my attitude that fills people with a distinct combination of pride and fear. I knew I could donate this swagger to one of Providence’s many university publications as their new mascot.”

Soon, Bear interviewed at Providence College, URI, Roger Williams, and The Wheeler School.  BearDH even looked into being the face of the Indy, but was appalled by how terrible their kickball team is.  Yet, all these publications turned him down for a fear that he would eat the people he was supposed to be “mascoting,”

One university publication stood courageous in the face of this potential lawsuit. We, the staff of the BlogDailyHerald, sensed that BearDailyHerald would be a perfect fit for us and were also pleased to learn of the coincidental name similarities.

BearDailyHerald was quickly fitted for his signature hat (incorrectly) and immediately signed a six-year contract to be BlogDH’s new mascot and take the campus by storm.

“I am super excited to be the face of such a groundbreaking blog,” Bear said. “Also, I promise I probably won’t eat anyone.”

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