Chow Down Brown: Bread Pudding on Meal Plan

What will they think of next? Around the beginning of the semester, little muffin-shaped confections started popping up on Saturdays and Sundays amidst the Blue Room’s pastry mainstays. The personal bread puddings have cupcakes’ handy cuteness and come in two new flavors every weekend. Today, for example, there’s peanut butter-apple and strawberry mocha chip. We have on record that a pint of espresso goes into the strawberry mocha batch. Go in today (don’t forget, they close at 5 on weekends) and see for yourself whether they’ll give you an espresso jolt.

Past flavors include peanut butter chocolate banana, strawberry and Nutella, and cinnamon maple raisin. Aw yeah. However, personal experience would suggest that, as these things go, temperature is more important than flavor. It seems like a cardinal rule that baked goods’ quality is inversely proportional with the amount of time it’s spent out of the oven, and that’s particularly true in this case: the lukewarm ones are, yes, a little gummy, but if you swoop in at the right time, you can snag a molten, carb-y treat.  The bread puddings join Ivy Room mac and cheese, Kabob & Curry and Shanghai in the Blue Room, specialty stuffed French toast at Jo’s, and a Belgian waffle bar in the Blue Room as projects of Brown’s new culinary manager, Aaron Fitzsenry. Exciting things are going on in BUDS!

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