Playlistology: Top 5 Coachella Casualties

With all the recent leaks and announcements, Brown has been buzzing over our Spring Weekend headliners. Yet, what’s been getting arguably more attention in the past few months is who isn’t coming to campus. The main culprit in this sonic scarcity? California’s Coachella Festival which, this year, is taking place at the same time as Spring Weekend. To account for our losses, we’ve compiled a list of the artists we’re most sad to have lost to the Coachella sunshine.

5. Sleigh Bells:

4. Cut Copy:

3. Robyn:

2. Kanye West:

1. Arcade Fire

Honorable Mentions:


  1. Lily

    this is so wise

  2. 12

    Mumford & Sons is my top casualty. 🙁

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