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Tired of scrolling through the endless announcements of Brown Morning Mail? Looking for a better place to find out what’s happening on College Hill?  Well, Grant Gurtin ‘13, a San Diego native and the creator of the upcoming, may have a solution for you. His website, which launches this Wednesday at 8:00pm, hopes to become the cozy and reliable home(page) for Brown and RISD students. Read the exclusive interview with Grant after the jump!

Blog Daily Herald: What inspired you to create this site?

Grant Gurtin: I was originally inspired to create College Hill Events after taking over Brown’s largest Facebook group, Events on College Hill, second semester of last year. I enjoyed informing students about everything happening on campus, but had been getting a bit of negative feedback about spamming people with too many Facebook messages. I thought creating a calendar integrated with Facebook would be a fantastic way to continue my work while eliminating the bad publicity that surrounded it. In this regard it was very successful. The only issue with College Hill Events was that the design was unattractive and it was mainly only utilized by Freshmen. I always aim to improve and think I am giving students a far better product with

BDH: What are the focus and format of the site?

GG: will cater to a wider range of people than the original site and will be far more appealing thanks to our designer Sam Andrus (RISD ’12) who has a put a lot of hours into making very nice on the eye. Rather than be just a site to view events, will aim to be a homepage for Brown and RISD students. In addition to being fully integrated with Spotted At Brown,the campus’ most popular site, we will provide feeds from both of campus’ most popular news sites, local weather, events, and a network dedicated to connecting with College Hill students. Another big difference this time around has been having a fantastic team working on the site. I launched College Hill Events alone from San Diego, and now have Seth Nolan ’13, Nick Mazza ’13, and Sam Andrus working along side me both on developing the site and promoting it.

BDH: Do you think that there is a good way, currently, to acquire information about College Hill events?

GG: I think College Hill Events provided a fantastic medium to acquire information about Events on College Hill. People who have utilized it have found it to be a valuable resource, and I think it will only be better in its new design.

If you have further questions, you can email Grant personally at (amazing email address, we know) or for information concerning the site.

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