Free food digest: March 16, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.

SDWC Dissertation Series: Matt Duperon on Daoism
Noon-1 pm at 26 Benevolent St.

Free lunch snacks and drinks as PhD candidate in Religious Studies Matt Duperon presents part of his dissertation: ‘The Way Comes About as We Walk It’: The Huainanzi and Early Daoist Ethics.” BlogDailyHerald’s dissertation: “Sarah Doyle Women’s Center: Continuing the Trend of Accompanying Dense Academic Work with Light Snacks.”

GISP Pitch Session
6 pm in Petteruti Lounge

This one requires an RSVP with a potential pitch. Sounds like a lot of work, but this meeting is throwing out free pizza, Chinese and Indian food! Obviously the GISP event coordinators know that the best way to a student’s brain is through his stomach. Need an idea for the GISP? How about Brown Pipes: A Study on the Effects of Free Junk Food on University Plumbing.


  1. phil

    Just to clarify, the Alex Byrne talk is on April 7th.

  2. David Winer

    Thanks, phil. We’ve updated the post to correct that.

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