Brown Barrel: The Weekend in Comedy

THURSDAY 9pm in MacMillan 117: Brown Stand Up Comics

It’s the day before Friday, and we we we so excited for the Brown Stand Up Comics’ last show before break (and last show before big-time comedian Andy Kindler visits in early April) so get down to MacMillan for a night of jazz, jokes, and partyin’ partyin’ (yeah!)!

FRIDAY, FRIDAY 9pm in Salomon 001: Starla and Sons

It’s Friday, Friday!! Think about fun! Then think about Starla and Sons’ amazing improv comedy show. Come to Lower Salomon, and see all your friends. They’re kicking in the front seats. Or maybe sitting in the back seat. How are you going to choose a seat?!

SATURDAY 9pm in MacMillan 117: Out of Bounds

No time for bowls of cereal today, because it’s Saturday, the day after Friday! After months of anticipation it’s finally time for Out of Bounds’ first show of the semester. Arrive early at MacMillan 117–it’s going to be fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

SUNDAY 2pm, 3:15pm, and 4:30pm in List Art Center Room 110: Starla Auditions

Sunday comes afterwards, and you don’t want this weekend to end, so finish it off by auditioning for Starla and Sons, your improv comedy heroes from FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!

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