Chow Down Brown: How to Make Everyone Love You; Win at Life

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Cooking in a dorm presents a number of challenges. Pinpointing a reliable recipe, finding the transportation to the grocery, scrounging for ingredients, and actually putting it all together in a neat, tasty package is no easy task. Combine that with dorm kitchens being senselessly turned into extra housing, and we’ve got a real quandary on our hands.

Luckily, I’ve struck gold. This is the easiest, the cheapest, the sexiest thing ever to happen to that greasy dorm kitchen of yours: Nutella freakin’ whipped cream. All you need are a pint of heavy whipping cream and a jar of that heaven-sent choco-hazelnut divinity. Put them together and magic happens. This stuff has inspired marriage proposals and eternal devotion from several classmates, and it makes just about anything sweet even tastier.

1. Pour the chilled whipping cream into a nice big bowl (ideally this should be metal and also chilled, but whatever you’ve got will do).
2. Using either a hand mixer or those ripped guns of yours (plus whisk), whip the cream at high speed. You’ll be at this for several minutes, during which time it’ll really start to thicken.
3. You’ll know it’s on the cusp of becoming legit whipped cream when your whisk forms little ripples that stay put. Now it’s time for the Nutella. Spoon in about a cup of it and continue to whisk vigorously until everything’s fully combined.
4. Proceed to gorge yourself by way of scooping the whipped cream on top of warm brownies, frosting cupcakes with it, dipping croissants into it, or faceplanting directly into the bowl. Use your creative license.


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