TV on the Radio delivers at SXSW

For those of you who are still a little skeptical about the Friday night headliner, look no further than the credible critics at the AV Club for some positive reinforcement. In his reaction to TV on the Radio’s set at Stubb’s last week, Sean O’Neal gave the band his highest praises: “The group turned in easily the best set I’ve seen all week.” At a festival packed with an obscene amount of musical talent, this really means a lot. Moreover, O’Neal mentioned a “newly forged arena rock assault” and “never once waning energy”–both good signs for Spring Weekend Night 1. Even for those who don’t know TVOTR very well, high energy and upbeat songs tend to make everybody happy. Need proof? Just try and recall how many songs Diplo played out (besides ‘Pon de Floor’) that you recognized, and then remember how much fun you had. If the music’s fun, the crowd has fun. It’s (dear) science.

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