Got into Brown? Thank your preschool!

According to a Manhattan mother, the time to start preparing for your shot at the Ivy League is well before freshman year of high school. Apparently we should seriously consider preschool education in the quest for admission to a top-ranked college.

The mother, Nicole Imprescia, is suing York Avenue Preschool for destroying her daughter’s shot at admission to a private school in the city, along with an Ivy League education. She claims that the school was putting her daughter in classes with younger students, putting her at a disadvantage compared to the other four-year-olds of the world. If Imprescia wins, York will have to refund her for the $19,000 she paid in tuition. Yes, you read it right: $19,000.

The lesson?  Make sure you thank your parents for putting you in the right preschool when you were four.  Who knows?   If they had made a different decision, you might not have even made it into Brown!  Or maybe that’s just what one overly-concerned helicopter parent wants us to believe…


  1. over9000

    i’d much rather believe that the mother is doing this for the money than that she actually believes (and, moreover, cares) about the ostensible “disadvantage” her daughter is facing. it’s pretty disgusting either way, but mildly clever if it’s just a ploy for cash.

  2. over9000

    an interesting response article in defense of imprescia:

    problem with his logic: yes, she has more cash than i do; in addition, she has values that i cannot respect. there are hundreds of ways i’d spend $19k in a year before using it to thrust my daughter into an atmosphere that i believe would stunt her emotional development and instill shitty priorities in her. (that is to say, even if the pre-school DID offer an advanced curriculum, as advertised, i would never consider paying money to subject my child to what i would guess is a snobbish, entitled environment and which i do not believe would be any more conducive to intellectual development than a normal, fun pre-school experience supplemented with educational and fun activities at home.)

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