Last Call: Amrin Khander

Kai Huang tagged Amrin Khander.

Kai asked: What is the best kept secret at Brown? The Spring Weekend Line-Up. Until Diddy got a Twitter.

People might know me as…that girl they met that one time. Somewhere. Meiklejohn (Team Brescia!!). That girl who pre-ordered the Jay-Z book, “Decoded,” and stalked the mail room until it arrived. From Brown Lecture Board (Sanjay Gupta, M.D. –> April 27th). That girl whose hijaab has to match her outfit. Even at the gym. Former president of the Brown Muslim Students’ Association (Dave Coolidge ’01 ftw). St. George to the Dragon that is Awkward Silence. Former employee of the Democratic National Committee. My voice may be permanently damaged from doing the Dean Scream every morning. Info Session leader for prospective students. Fountain of sarcasm.

On a Friday night, you might find me… hanging out with the Core Four, watching a weird movie, catching up with friends.

The best class/professor at Brown is… SOC1620: Globalization and Social Conflict with Patrick Heller– so many classes want to be this class, but can’t.

Three things I wish I knew freshman year:
1) There’s a waitlist for “Persuasive Communication.” The wait is about six to seven semesters. Four or five if you’re lucky…or a persuasive communicator.
2) You don’t have to do ALL the reading. Short syllabi make professors anxious.
3) Living in Perkins is not the end of the world. Only its location is.

Ratty vs. V-Dub: Ratty, where else can I get an omelette for pretty much every meal? Also, Catering Prep shout out–best unit in BUDS ever, even though most people have no idea what it is.

One thing I wish I had done? gone to Fish-Co before “Po-po shut us down”

After graduation, I plan to… start medical school. I fear the real world, so it’s great that I’ve chosen a career where I get to be in school for almost eternity.

Next up, I’m tagging: Alex Morse, flaming hot redhead, politician-extaordinaire in the making, LGBTQ activist. David Ciccilline’s bffl. Question for Alex: Should we bring ROTC back on campus?

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