BREAKING: BCA adds two more acts to SW; announces new ticketing procedure

Lissy Trullie / Photo courtesy of RCRDLBL

The BCA has added two more acts to this Spring Weekend’s already stellar lineup.  First, opening up on Friday night, will be NYC-based rock band Lissy Trullie.  Led by frontwoman (and former model) Lissy, the group will certainly add a new element to the already diverse lineup, and has covered songs such as Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” and Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” during its live shows.

Leading Saturday night will be student who does cool things (and world renowned electronic artist) Nico Jaar (’12).  Nico, the only electronic artist performing during the weekend, will be playing his set with a live band (cleverly billed as Nico Jaar (band)).  The BCA had struggled to find an electronic act owing to Coachella and European tours, but the “rising techno star” will fill that niche as well anyone else could.  The BCA has also not ruled out the possibility of adding another student act, either, through Speakeasy auditions or a Battle of the Bands.

Check out BCA’s new ticketing procedure after the jump.  

From BCA ticketing chair Sandy Ryza (’12):

Tickets will go on sale the week after Spring Break, on Brown Marketplace (

1000 tickets for each concert will be released to members of the Brown Community each day on Wednesday, April 6th, Thursday, April 7th, and Friday, April 8th on Brown Marketplace ( at 8 am.  There will be an initial limit of 1 ticket per person (Brown ID).

No tickets will be sold to the general public.

Ticket Distribution

Tickets will be distributed using BCA’s new electronic ticketing system.  Print-at-home tickets will be sent to the email addresses provided in the ticket orders.  Emails will not be sent automatically after purchases, but in batches at the end of the day.

Weather Call

If weather permits us to hold the concerts on the main green, additional tickets will go on sale at 1 pm on Wednesday, April 13th.

Hope and Slater

Residents of Hope and Slater will receive free tickets if (and only if) the concert is held on the main green.  After the weather call has been made, residents who have not bought tickets can request free tickets, and residents who have already bought tickets can request a refund.

The BCA is also working to have subsidized tickets available for financial aid recipients.


  1. over9000

    listening to Lissy Trullie on YouTube; really liking her stuff so far. check out ‘Boy Boy’ and ‘Self-Taught Learner’.

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    Does this mean we can’t buy any guest tickets? I have a friend who bought his plane ticket here just for Spring Weekend.

  3. Max Brownawell

    so if you’re not a Brown student you can’t go?

  4. Sam Levison

    sounds about right Max

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