Crusaders for traditional marriage take over Waterman

UPDATE 12:35 PM: The protesters moved from outside JWW to Brown street by the Wriston entrance and loaded back into their vans and shipped off, to hundreds of students chanting “God loves gays!”  There have been some reports that the group is heading towards Hope High School.  There were many police officers on the scene as well as a few news outlets. Email with any tips, photos, or videos.

See Thursday’s Herald for full coverage.

UPDATE 11:56 AM: A much larger group has now gathered around the protesters, with students chanting for marriage equality, holding signs and waving rainbow flags. The traditional marriage protesters have continued undeterred. Police are now taking a more active role in controlling pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Waterman.

11:30 AM:

Protesters opposing gay marriage have set up camp at the intersection of Brown and Waterman. A crowd of between 10-15 men are holding signs that read “God’s marriage = 1 man & 1 woman,” handing out pamphlets entitled “10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed,” and playing American war songs on bagpipes.

The group represents The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, a national organization with about 5,000 members in Rhode Island. John Ritchie, director of student activities for the organization, told BlogDailyHerald their stop at Brown is part of a tour of demonstrations they’re doing around Rhode Island because the state is discussing the possibility of allowing gay marriage. While Brown students have been mostly incensed at their presence, Ritchie said they have received a more positive reaction at other locations. They chose to play bagpipes because they attract attention, Ritchie said, while their red sashes signify courage and their lion badges symbolize Jesus. Occasionally they break into chants about traditional marriage.

Ritchie said the protesters often are assaulted, which probably explains the heavy police presence in the intersection. So far, Brown students have limited their response to laughter, snide glares, refusals to take pamphlets, and angry verbal exchanges with the group’s representatives.

Go see for yourself what’s going on, and be sure to get a pamphlet, so you can order your free copy of “the 212-page book Defending a Higher Law: Why We Must Resist Same-Sex “Marriage” and the Homosexual Movement.”

Or just ignore them like everyone else is.

Photo Credits: Anne Simons (’11), Charlie Greene (’13), Matt Klimerman (’13)


  1. Gregory VII

    ‘Crusaders’? What would Remensnyder have to say about that?

  2. Rebecca Maxfield

    Please don’t buy into their framing. They aren’t “crusading for traditional marriage.” The institution they claim to protect is already protected and doesn’t need “crusading” for, and modern opposite-sex marriage as we know it is anything but traditional.

  3. Joe

    Many who claim to be pro-homosexual simplydo so because we as Americans have been indoctrinated to always see homosexuals as the “victim” without any discussion or thought as to why homosexual “marriage” is bad for society. Then there is the ignorance and arrogance of youth who have the peer preassure of being told that they must be “open minded” or “progressive.”
    If you truly believe in homosexual “marriage”, then let’s not stop there and be allowed to “marry” our pets, a tree or even a child. NAMBLA would just love that!
    And while opposite-sex marriage “as we know it is anything but traditional,” I don’t know if people have noticed, society really hasn’t been doing too well either since the decline of traditional opposite-sex marriage. How is homosexual “marriage” going to make things better? Seems like we’re saying “well, since the traditional things are screwed up, let’s just make them more screwy since nothing seems to be working as it should be!”

  4. Herbert

    Okay so hetero marriage is anything but traditional? If you read historical documents and other accounts in Judeo-Christian tradition all the way back as far as you can find them. When the writer says someone was married it is a safe assumption that they were married to a member of the opposite sex. No other relationship was considered a marriage. I would call a witness of thousands of years pretty traditional. Crusaders? When one stands for traditional doctrine of The Church they are by definition Crusaders. They stand for the Cross,Crux, Crucis Crusade see a resemblance in the words yet? Look at the origin of the word and the meaning of the root word.
    Ipsa Conteret

  5. Francis

    By the look of the photos, it doesn’t look like they are being ignored to me. This is the burning issue of the day. The choice is whether or not America remains a moral and Christian nation or a hedonistic anti-religious new Sodom.

  6. HT

    The Gospel on… ‎

    Tradition: “Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all those engaged in selling and buying there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves.” (Matthew 21:12)

    Family: ‎”If any one comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

    Property: “The community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common….There was no needy person among them, for those who owned property or houses would sell them, bring the proceeds of the sale, and put them at the feet of the apostles, and they were distributed to each according to need.” (Acts 4:32-35)

    TFP’s score: 0–3.

  7. Homosexuals have contributed so much to our society, is it so much to ask that society acknowledge their existence? If TFP wants to spread Tradition, Family, and Property values, they should let the gay community join them in the traditions of marriage so they can start families!

  8. Ronaldus Magnus

    I thought that college was a time and place to embrace diversity and opposing viewpoints. Evidently, these are just empty cliches at Brown. What is wrong with a group of peaceful adovocates promoting their beliefs? Evidently, tolerance and diversity only matter when everyone agrees with YOUR perspective on life. I can hardly wait for these pampered “geniuses” to enter the real world and encounter a healthy dose of reality.

  9. WN

    Please TFP, explain to me how can homosexuals destroy traditional marriage…particularly your marriages? If a man loves his wife or vice versa, just seeing a gay couple shouldn’t be enough to break up their own marriage. Right?
    The divorce rate in America is around 50%, majority of those are between a man and a woman. So you’re saying that all those cheating spouses, irreconcilable differences, etc were somehow caused by of gays? Wow, never knew gays could be so powerful.

    Then again, I do agree that the traditional family (two parents) contribute to a stronger society and better-raised kids.
    just saying…
    And while you’re here, watch this:

    Btw @Ronaldus Magnus
    You’re wrong if you think we’re all “pampered geniuses” Most of us worked our ass off to get here. AND some of my best friends have lived in the real world their entire lives. They’ve had to live with regular gunfire in their neighborhoods.

    P.S Do you have a passport?

  10. Brian

    To Ronaldus Magnus: The key distinction is that the anti-homosexual protestors advocate infringing upon the rights of others. Proponents of same-sex marriage aren’t organizing movements to take away the right of heterosexual people to marry one another. You can’t ask for tolerance when you offer none in return.

  11. JH

    To Ronaldus Magnus: “Embracing diversity and opposing views” does not = freedom from critique

  12. The E-man

    Wait, if we outlaw Gay marriage, it’s a slippery slope! Next thing you know, we’ll be outlawing straight marriage! and then marriage to Jesus!

  13. Ronaldus Magnus

    To JH: I would suggest that “laughter, snide glares … and angry verbal exchanges” when coupled with “get your hate off my campus” exceed the normal and acceptable bounds of civilized critiquing. If the pro-marriage protesters exhibited this type of behavior, I can only imagine the vitriol that would be heaped upon them.

    To Brian: The protesters are pro-traditional marriage and not advocating the elimination of anyone’s rights. Marriage is a social covenent sanctioned and revered by government and society alike because of its time-tested stabilizing nature for the bearing and rearing of children. Same-sex “marriage” fails in that test. If a same-sex couple wants to pledge dedication and fidelity to one another that relationship can be deemed a civil union or other such term but it is NOT a marriage no matter how often you say it is.
    To WN: I never said that all Brown students were pampered geniuses … just the obnoxious, closed-minded anti-protesters. In fact, I have tremendous respect and admiration for anyone that has earned their way into Brown.

  14. @Joe – Sir,

    I missed the secret meaning of being told that “Gay people don’t exist, they are just straight people that are confused”. Clearly upon some introspection this message was being given to me to tell me that homosexuality was okay, accepted, and even promoted. I suffer the ignorance and arrogance of experiencing peer pressure to be “in the closet” and “unobtrusive”. Thank you for equating consenting adults with children, animals and inanimate objects. You’re absolutely right by the way, “traditional” marriage certainly has declined. There’re now so many inter-racial, inter-faith, inter-class, and inter-national marriages that it’s hard to know who it’s okay to hate. Someone may Look perfectly normal, but may actually be the offspring of a Jew and a Catholic, who we traditionally hate in the United States. It’s because of marriages like those that the nation has declined to it’s current state of being: the only super power in the world, a nation whose currency is the de facto financial capitol of the entire world, and the top member nation of every international organization. This declension of the United States’ status is obviously being caused by marriage being changed from two white people whose parents consented to let them be married.

    What a Shame, Sir. What Travesty of a nation into which we have allowed ourselves to devolve?

  15. To Ronaldus Magnus: I take your point that marriage is a constructed social institution that (supposedly) lends itself to some stable home-environment for child-rearing, raising a family. But what I don’t find convincing is your assumption that same-sex marriages “fail that test.” On what grounds would you base this argument? Are you saying that there is something distinctly superior about one of the sexes when it comes to child-rearing (which would handicap a same-sex couple), or is it the combination of a female and a male which truly works magic and contributes to the healthy development of a child? Just as we do not judge people as parents by their race, religion, education standing, etc, I do not see why we would assume that two women, or two men, as a ‘team’ would not be able to perform the roles of loving and supportive parents. Granted, given the biological impossibility of two same-sex individuals reproducing, this means homosexual couples who want to raise a family would have to turn to adoption… …but uh, wow I can’t really see a problem with that either!

    I just find it unsettling when we start assuming that there is necessarily something about an one-man, one-woman relationship that is distinct and superior to a two-men/two-women relationship. People as parents, or individuals in a relationship, should be judged by their character, actions and mental outlook. NOT by their sex. In any case, there are just too many examples of failed parenting by married heterosexual couples so that one really can’t privilege their arrangement over a homosexual one.

  16. Rebecca Maxfield


    Don’t forget women’s rights. Everyone knows that the day married women were allowed to own property and have legal protection from marital rape was the day America died.

  17. cj1

    Say it ain’t so, Joe, that you use the same old tired false analogies as if you’ve never heard them torn apart and humiliated for the poor intellectual faculty they always spring from. And so you know in everyone’s heart why they are pro-gay? Don’t know what nation you were raised in, but this one has certainly not been in any way always seen gays as the “poor victims,” genius. Unless you are two and live in San Francisco, methinks you are a closet case who is just a tad undesirable because you are a biotich so you want everyone else to be miserable too…

  18. cj1

    Ronaldus, not tolerating intolerance does not equate to failure to embrace diversity. Clearly, you are no pampered genius, if that’s the best you got.

  19. Mark

    Homosexuality is not diverse because “homo” means “same”.

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