Free food digest: March 24, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.


The Lifestyle of a Graduate
12 pm (lunch!)
Science Center (3rd floor of the SciLi)

Trying to determine whether grad school is for you? Come today to the Science Center to have an informal discussion with current science graduate students. Free Kabob and Curry will be served!

QUEST Confidential Discussion Group
9 pm
Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, Room 201

This event might be a bit late for dinner. Come for the confidential discussion of issues relating to gender and sexual identity. And the free food, of course.

Thursday Night Torah
7-8:30 pm

An oldie but goodie. This week, join Rabbi Joel Seltzer from the local Temple Emanuel for a dialogue on Hasidism and some free kosher food.

Chemistry Degree Day
6 pm
MacMillan 115

If you’re not too scared to return to MacMillan 115 after last night’s orgo exam, stop by to find out what sort of opportunities await you in the Chem department. Free Kabob and Curry!


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