Introducing: WhisKus

Last night was the inaugural “Brown Night” at Whiskey Republic. Somewhere amidst yesterday’s insanity we forgot to remind for you to send us your WhisKus (see: FishKu), so we decided to write a few of our own:

Whiskey Republic,
Tell me, why did the stage move?
Heat lamps are crucial.

Brand new clean bathrooms,
Beautiful wood panelling,
Thanks Celtic punk band!

I see you winding
Grinding, up on that po-ole.
Wait, where are the poles?

FishCo or WhisCo,
Gettin’ down at the Co- but,
Which name will I choose?

DJ Pauly D,
Why don’t you just stay at Geoff’s,
We’ve got meatball.

Leave yours in the comments!

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