Students who do cool things: Kelly Schryver ’11 TillieCakes

If you like the cakes you see on Food Network Challenge, then you are going to love Kelly Schryver ’11. Kelly has her own cake company TillieCakes, which she runs while balancing school work, a thesis, and her social life. A self-taught cake designer, Kelly says, “[TillieCakes] started out as my final project for ENG090 [freshman year]. I’ve been taking cake orders from students and parents ever since!”

Kelly makes decorated cupcakes and cakes for any celebration. She is always looking for new decorations to try and new challenges. Kelly makes everything from scratch to ensure that her cakes taste as delicious as they look.

When asked why she loves baking, Kelly says, “Cakes make people happy! And it’s a perfect creative outlet for someone with a sweet tooth.” Although Kelly doesn’t make a large profit from her business, she enjoys the process.

Kelly's Favorite Cake

Kelly has made hundreds of baked goods, but this cake is one of Kelly’s favorites. She says, “I loved making a cake with a “Garbage Plate” on top, which is a signature dish from a restaurant in Rochester, New York. It was so much fun to mold baked beans, macaroni and cheese, french fries, and toast out of fondant.”

But this isn’t the only creation of Kelly’s that has caught someone’s eye. One girl even set her phone background to a picture of Kelly’s Obama Cake sophomore year. Here are some more of her amazing creations:

You can always check out more on her Facebook page.

And if you are curious, the name TillieCakes comes from Tillie Lagerlof, the cake-baking cook in Disney’s Pollyanna.

Kelly currently isn’t taking orders until her thesis is finished, but I bet it won’t be long before she’s back to the oven. Who needs an AmCiv thesis when you can have a rubber ducky birthday cake?

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