Cup of (Pro) Jo: April 6, 2011

Providence union workers agreed yesterday to accept a pay cut in exchange for protection against layoffs. Local 1033, a union representing over 900 municipal workers in the city, also represents these workers. Firefighters, teachers, police officers and city management are not included in the proposed contract, which still needs approval from the city council. Providence Mayor Angel Taveras said the union’s cooperation with the city will help close the budget gap. “These are real changes that will help us address the fiscal crisis we face,” Taveras said.

The Declaration of Independence will make a stop in Providence on Thursday, May 5, at the John Brown House Museum. The Rhode Island Historical Society announced yesterday that the 235 year old document will be here for a day-long showing. The exhibit will coincide with Rhode Island’s anniversary declaring itself independent of England on May 4, 1776. The John Brown House Museum is on 52 Power Street, and the exhibit will be open and free to the public from 9am to 6pm.

The House Judiciary Committee will review a bill to grant people not legally allowed to marry the right to become “reciprocal beneficiaries” next Tuesday. The bill would “extend benefits and rights associated with insurance, health care decisions, inheritance and property ownership” to people over 18 who “want the right to make medical decisions for each other,” according to the ProJo. This would include same-sex couples, but also unmarried family members. This bill is one of many bills proposed as an alternative to legalizing gay marriage in Rhode Island.

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