Fool me once…

Shame on you, Brown Marketplace.

[Editor’s note: UPDATE 10:18 AM: Abby Schreiber ’11, BCA’s booking chair, got in contact with BlogDailyHerald this morning after students complained of not being able to access the BSA website to buy tickets.  At 8:01 am this morning, BCA contacted Touchnet Information Systems, the company that makes the program that BSA uses to run Brown Marketplace, when the site began to experience problems.

BCA contacted Touchnet two days ago to ensure that the site would be able to handle at least 40,000 hits.  They were assured that it wouldn’t have any problems.]


Orders seem to finally be going through.  Those of you who actually had the patience to wait 40 minutes and not break your computer truly deserve those tickets.  Round 2 tomorrow morning, y’all!


The actual tickets are up on the Marketplace, but the form to enter creditcard information keeps crashing.  WE JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU OUR MONEY BUT YOU WON’T LET US.

In ritualistic masochistic tradition, we all signed onto our computers at 8 a.m.

Spring Weekend performer P.Diddy famously once said, “I’ll be missing you.” Was he referring to the absent tickets?

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