LIVE from the Housing Lottery: Night One

It’s time to get geared up for round one.  The first night of the Housing Lottery is upon us, and BlogDailyHerald is on the scene in Sayles Hall to provide LIVE coverage.  We’ll be here ‘til the last number of the night (whattup 460, we see you) chooses a room or passes into summer assignment.  You can follow the lottery as it happens on the online projection available on the ResCouncil website.  We’re here to give you commentary on the human side of things: the screams of victory, the sighs of defeat, and everything in between. It’s going to be a long night folks, so bring some refreshments, get comfortable, and brace yourself for a truly wild ride.


  1. A

    Does anyone know why New Pembroke #2 is not on the lottery website?

  2. Qed Winer

    David, you are a superhero

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