What’s brewing: your Spring Weekend weather speculation service

We all know what an important factor weather can be in the celebration of Spring Weekend. And just in case you don’t follow weather forecasts quite so obsessively, we will keep you informed of what the great weather gods have in store for us.  Follow the link to see a preliminary look at what’s in store for us. 

We’re 10 days away from the Friday concert, which means it falls on weather.com’s extended forecast. And it ain’t lookin’ great. As you can see, most of the week has at least some chance for rain. They’re generally very small chances, so we’ll hope they fade away as we get closer, but Friday looks ominous.







If we compare to accuweather, which forecasts 15 days out, we see a similarly displeasing picture.

There is hope here. Thursday looks amazing in this scenario, and 70 degrees for Binder Sunday would be fab. So let’s hope they can squeeze that cold/rain front out of the rest of the weekend.

Don’t panic yet. All forecasts that far out are a crapshoot, but that won’t stop us from speculating.

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