Brown Barrel: Comedy Week

There’s an unbelievable number of events happening in comedy this week, so we’ll cut the foreplay and get to the good stuff:

1. The Storm of Mystery, a student-written, produced, directed, acted, crewed, and catered (feat. Brown Dining Services) dinner theater murder mystery play by the Brown Noser, is tonight at 7:30 in Andrews Dining Hall. Catered tickets sold out, but you can buy reduced price non-food tickets from 2-4pm today at JWW or at the door starting at 7.

2. Andy Kindler tomorrow at 9pm in Salomon 101. Kindler, a professional comic and judge Last Comic Standing, will share the stage with the Brown Stand Up Comics. It’s a free show catered for free by Mama Kim’s Korean Barbecue.

3. Starla & Sons, tomorrow at 8pm, location unknown to me now but surely very easy to find out. It’ll be their first show with brand new members– go to the show to find out who these people are!

4. Keep an ear to the ground for news on the time and location of the IMPROVidence long show. It starts somewhere, sometime on Friday and runs to Saturday for a whopping 28 hours.

5. An ADOCH show for everyone: at 11pm on Monday night in MacMillan 117, all four Brown performance comedy groups will unite. There will be a few jokes from the Comics, a few sketches from Out of Bounds, a few glorious bits of improv from Starla and IMPROVidence. Prefrosh want to see what Brown comedy is like, and are we gonna let them? Hell no. If they’re really the most selective class in history, let’s make them fight for the 8.7 percent of the seats left in MacMillan after real Brown students fill the place. Everyone’s invited.

6. You didn’t think there could possibly be a 6, but there is. The ‘RISK!’ shows with Michael Ian Black are next Wednesday, and tickets just went on sale. Get ’em while they’re hot at JWW, 2-4pm every day until show date or until tickets run out.

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  1. Will the BDH not be covering the tragic passing of Matthew Strickland ’11?

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