Playlistology: Top 5 songs for post-break crash

Oh, the treacherous return to productivity after a week of couch-surfing, Top Chef marathons, and various forms of inebriation. For many of us, being greeted by the combination of responsibilities and a snowy spring will inevitably result in procrastination, laziness, and one-too-many hours spent on To celebrate this week-long period of lethargy, we present a playlist of songs that are a perfect backdrop to all your dawdling endeavors.

5. The Importance of Being Idle- Oasis: Take a cue from these Manchester rockers and say a big “F- you” to it all (accompanied by an emotive guitar track, of course).

4. Sunny Afternoon- The Kinks: This song musically embodies the blissful, warm, sleepy chilltime perfect for sunning-it-up main green style.

3. Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon- Queen: If you enjoy lounging in vintage style, complete with parasol and martini in hand.

2. I’m Only Sleeping- The Beatles: Even the greatest band of all time needs to release its inner slacker.

1. Because I Got High- Afroman: An all-encompassing excuse for when your laziness reaches near-pathological levels.

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