Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Lissy Trullie

Singer/Song-writer/Janitor/Artist/Model/Dishwasher Lissy Trullie is going to bat for the hipster crowd this Spring Weekend. With a tinge of world-weariness in her throaty voice, blunt pixie haircut, kohl-rimmed eyes, and second-skin skinnies, she calls to mind the too-cool RISD student you sat next to on RIPTA once. However, when asked, she seems genuinely perplexed at this image of her. She asks an ABC NOW correspondent, “I don’t seem grumpy to you, do I?”

Her songs are surprisingly catchy. “Ready for the Floor” and “Boy Boy” worm their way into your brain. You may find yourself humming along. And honestly, how can you dislike someone who regularly covers Biz Markie’s hit “Just a Friend” in concert? Trullie puts her own unique spin on it. After she sings, “I saw a fellow making out with my girl on the floor,” she tosses her hair in a nonchalant manner, suggesting she is thinking, “Whatevs.”

Some more of her songs after the jump:

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  1. kn

    but “ready for the floor” isn’t even her song — it’s a hot chip cover.

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