Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 11, 2011

Donald J. Jones III is being held without bail after traveling from New Jersey to Rhode Island to have sex with a minor girl. Jones faces a minimum 25-year sentence as a “repeat offender and child predator,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Roger. Jones allegedly told officers that he was “grooming” a six-year old girl and her four-year old sister in preparation to molest them. According to Roger, both girls have been found.

After hearing 10 days of testimony, a Superior Court jury has begun its deliberations in the murder trial of Donald Young — a South Providence gang member accused of killing a rival during an ambush that occurred two years ago. On July 12, 2009, Young and two other unidentified men allegedly fired at a white Buick, resulting in the deaths of Kasean Benton and Torell Soko. The jurors will remain in seclusion until verdicts have been reached.

The Associated Press reported than an Ohio man was charged with barking at a police dog. Officer Bradley Walker, who discovered Ryan Stephens “making barking noises and hissing noises,” asked the man why he was harassing the animal. His answer? The dog started it. Stephens, charged with a misdemeanor for teasing a police dog, is set to appear in court on April 21.

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