What’s brewing: A mixed bag

Here we are, with your new Spring Week forecast. The weather flip-flopped a lot over the weekend, but the outlook for Saturday now seems fairly settled on rain. Let’s focus for a minute on the positives. Although the next two days are rainy and gross (giving our young pre-frosh friends a genuine look at the realities of Brown), Thursday and Friday look bee-utiful. This should make for an excellent SPEC Carnival and a Friday concert that looks like it can be held on the Main Green. When BCA makes the weather call, if Friday’s concert can be outside, they’ll release more tickets, for those of you who couldn’t get them or needed extras. So that’s the good news.

But for Saturday, our friends (enemies?) over at weather.com are now predicting a 50% chance of thundershowers. This threatens to put quite a damper on Diddy et al. In 2008, both concerts had to be held indoors, at the rain location in Meehan. According to the BDH’s review, this created mixed results. Some students enjoyed the concerts anyway, while others complained that it was too crowded and that the sound, particularly during MIA’s performance, was way too loud for the hangover-addled to tolerate in an enclosed space. Having the concerts inside will also disappoint those who were unable to get one of the original 3,000 tickets sold last week. Because students could only purchase one ticket per ID, those with guests coming will also be left scrambling for extra tickets. So for those who got tickets and aren’t thrilled with the prospect of an indoor concert, there’s sure to be a decent market for those second-hand Diddy tickets. A silver lining in all those rainclouds?

We’ll be back each day this week with a fresh perspective on the weather, and hopefully some changes in the forecast.


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