What’s brewing: not rain!

Hey everyone. We’re back with your Spring Week weather report, and this time we have some excellent news! All of your anti-rain dances have really been paying off. Saturday’s forecast has changed from yesterday’s 50% chance of rain to cloudy with only a 10% chance of rain!!! Follow the jump for analysis. 

Yesterday’s forecast for Thursday and Friday has pretty much held, with sunshine and mild-ish temperatures predicted both days. Looks like there’s little danger of SPEC Carnival being screwed up like last year. And Friday night should be pleasant, if a bit nippy.

Now, for Saturday, things look much better. Now that we’ve all moved on from yesterday’s BCA-related scare, all eyes will be on the Saturday forecast as BCA decides whether the concerts can be held outside or not. BCA will likely make its rain call Wednesday (that’s when it’s been done in past years), so if this forecast can hold until tomorrow, it looks likely that both concerts will be held on the Main Green. This means more tickets will be released, and we can enjoy Spring Weekend as it was meant to be enjoyed. But bundle up — with a high of 49, you may want to be looking for white sweaters and jeans instead of shorts.

That’s all for now. We’ll be back tomorrow with any updates. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that the rain stays away.


  1. anon

    But the BCA’s site says:

    Due to projected inclement weather, unfortunately both the Friday and Saturday concerts will be held inside Meehan Auditorium. This is of course especially frustrating because of the positive forecasts for all of Friday and for Saturday during the day. However, heavy rain is expected on Saturday night when the shows will be held, and building stages both inside and outside is prohibitively expensive.

  2. kn

    nope, they just decided to call it today and have BOTH concerts inside. nice.


    Yet they still force BOTH concerts inside?!

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