Granoff Center café cart gets swanky

It’s hard to think of a way the Granoff Center could be any trendier. Well, they kicked it up a notch. Nestled under a flight of stairs on the building’s lower level is a BUDS hidden treasure: a café cart stocked with Shanghai’s new venture into Vietnamese and Cambodian food. Yes, you read it right. The café has a menu different from that of other food establishments on campus (just in case you skimmed over Morning Mail), with Asian delicacies like nime chow, bento boxes, seaweed salad, and noodle soup.

The cart is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. You know you want it.  Click “read more” to see images of some of its food items!  

[nggallery id=43]


  1. I’m guessing you can’t pay with credits, right?

  2. Critic

    Of course not. That would violate Brown’s unspoken rule that meal credits must be incredibly difficult to use up.

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