Spotlight on the State House: Vol. X

As fun as Spring Week has been for us, the General Assembly has been slogging along.

The Senate Committee on Judiciary is meeting today to hear the “Safe Schools Act,” a bill developed by a special Senate commission that has been studying the issues of cyberbullying, cyberthreats, bullying and sexting. The bill calls for a unified statewide policy against cyberbullying, as well as a set protocol for investigating and responding to such incidents. We wonder how exactly the committee went about its study of sexting?

The Senate Committee on Housing & Municipal Government is hearing a bill today on the development of the land freed up by the relocation of I-195. The legislation’s aim is to make sure the land will be used to support “the growth of a knowledge-based economy, due to its proximity to universities, hospitals and medical schools.”  

The Senate Task Force on Fisheries met Wednesday to discuss increasing fines and penalties for illegally possessing striped bass. The migration of striped bass from the Chesapeake has been steadily declining and environmental advocates hope to save the fish from extinction. So if you’ve been popping out on the odd Saturday morning for a fishing sesh….don’t.

Finally, if you’re looking to provide your mother with a “wild time,” look no further — the Roger Williams Park Zoo is offering just that. Then again, so are these guys.

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