Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex

Faunce Arch, Andrews Hall, Keeney Quadrangle, Wriston Quad, Caswell Hall… these are all familiar buildings on campus named appropriately after former presidents of Brown University. E. Gordon Gee, however, known for his notorious years at Brown, left the most legendary (yet perhaps overlooked) legacy of all: The E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex.

This set of port-a-potties only graces us with its presence once a year… yes, you guessed it: Spring Weekend. So what better a time to commemorate its fifth anniversary! The keepers of the E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex are throwing a pizza party to celebrate this exciting occasion. Check them out on Twitter (@EGGeeLC) for updates.

Who was E.Gordon Gee and how did he get his name plastered across the face of portable toilets? Find out after the jump.

E. Gordon Gee preceded our beloved President Simmons and made quite the scene in his controversial term.  E.G.G. apparently didn’t appreciate the school’s love for the arts and cut arts programs in exchange for profiting the sciences without proper authorization. Another debatable feat was his choice to renovate the president’s home, costing the school millions of dollars. So when offered the Chancellor position and tenure at Vanderbilt University, he headed South, leaving his precarious reign as Brown University behind. We at Brown graciously accepted his resignation.

So, some rather clever members of the Brown community felt it was only right to appropriately honor Gee with a set of portable toilets in his name. Even though the concerts will be inside this year, you’ll be sure to see this lavatory complex in all its glory around campus, especially on Sunday for Binder. And if you’re enjoying Spring Weekend as much as any Brown student should, be sure to check out the E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex for all of your bathroom needs.

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