Playlistology: Songs for the 5 Stages of Spring Weekend Indoor Grief

It’s Spring Weekend!! And you know what that means… the fresh air, the warm sun, hearing your favorite music out on the Main Green…right? Well, not so much. Due to the concert cock-block known as Providence weather, BCA recently announced that our festivities will be occurring indoors, leading to much Brownie angst and buyer’s remorse.  To those of you who may fall in this category we’ve compiled a playlist to accompany you during your grieving period.

5. Denial- And I Am Telling You- Jennifer Hudson

4. Anger: We’re not Gonna Take it – Twisted Sister

3. Bargaining- We Can Work It Out- The Beatles

2. Depression-Trouble (Cat Stevens Cover)- Elliott Smith

1. Acceptance- Believe- Cher

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