How to hide your post-Spring Weekend hangover

Still feeling the side effects of a full week of constant inebriation? BlogDailyHerald is here to the rescue with our guide on how to hide–and hopefully cure–your post-Spring Weekend hangover!

5. Grab a pair of sunglasses and hide those puffy eyes with style. If you don’t already own a pair, grab one from the stall set up outside of the Brown Bookstore for around $10 and maybe matching hats and watches too. The only downside to this plan is that you risk looking like a total douchebag.

4. Meditate and contemplate on the past week to help you find clarity and peace of mind. Maybe crash UNIV 0540 Introduction to Contemplative Studies, which has a lab scheduled on MWF at 9:00 A.M., or check out the Contemplative Studies website for resources to learn how to do this.

At one with nature. She doesn't seem hungover, does she?

3. Thanks to the Beyond the Bottle campaign and other Brown is Green efforts, there are now several hydration stations installed in the Student Center that deliver top quality H2O to your dehydrated body. Also, you can go to the Ratty or V-Dub and drink plenty of juices and Powerade to replenish your vitamins and electrolytes.

Morris 314. Beware of WSJ reporters.

2. For those of you lucky enough to be on Pembroke or have access to the tub rooms, why not kick back and relax in a hot bath for a good half hour? Just scrub down the tub before though; we don’t want to be liable for you catching a bacterial infection. If you didn’t get enough of the foam party on Friday night, you can always throw another foam party (for yourself or with company) with bubble bath salts you can get from CVS.

1. With Passover just around the corner, what better to cure your hangover than with some good ol’ matzo ball soup? Let those matzo balls absorb all that residual alcohol in your system and nourish you at the same time. Head down to one of eight Hillel seders tonight or learn to make some tasty balls with Joyce Goldstein, who tells you that you’ve been making your balls wrong all along.

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