What to eat today: 4/20

Let’s just do away with the witty formalities and face the facts:

  1. It is April 20th.
  2. You are probably going to smoke today.
  3. Doing this will stimulate your appetite.

If you find yourself in need of “munchies” at any point today, look no further. Here is a list of 5 places on College Hill that will serve your munching needs:

  1. The Main Green and Wriston Quad. Not only are several club groups holding bake sales on the Main Green (including Students for Sensible Drug Policy), but there will also be a Gourmet Market on upper Wriston. Yum.
  2. The Ratty / V-Dub. For lunch today there are buffalo chicken wings at the Ratty and chicken fajitas at the V-Dub. Just saying. Also, the Ivy Room is always a solid alternative if you’re looking for something a little different.
  3. Wings & Things. Feeling a bit lazy and in the mood for some real wings? Well you’re in luck: Wings & Things delivers! Just call (401) 369-7551.
  4. Pizza on Thayer. You know the deal. We’ve got Nice Slice, Antonio’s, and even Toledo serves pizza! If you don’t want to let the smoke out of leave your room, you can always order in!
  5. Mexican on Thayer. Chipotle. Baja’s. Bagel Gourmet Olé. Gordito Burrito. Just take your pick. Each has its own flavor (except Gordito Burrito, which is simply terrible).

And if paying for food isn’t your thing, there’s never been a better time to eat free or dine trying.

Pre-Dental Society Meeting
7 pm in Faunce Memorial Room

Light refreshments and snacks (that probably won’t rot your teeth) and carve your own tooth out of soap! This sounds kind of awesome.

Brownies for Hepatitis B Awareness
1 pm onward in JWW

If you enter the lobby of J. Walter Wilson wearing green apparel, Team HBV will hand you a free brownie. Green? Brownies? Did they decide upon those two things for a reason?

And of course, there are plenty more places around Brown to eat. Just go out and explore!

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  1. pudding

    Wings and Things has been closed for a few weeks now. Broken pipe or something.

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