Cup of (Pro) Jo: April 22, 2011

The City Council voted yesterday to send a report to the Ethics Commission that claims former Providence Mayor David Cicilline and his administration inadequately dealt with state finances and disobeyed the Home Rule Charter. The report, compiled by City Council financial adviser Gary Sasse and internal auditor Mathew Clarkin, says that Cicilline “inflated revenue estimates and ignored budget procedures” in his final years as mayor. The city law department has begun researching the reports’ claims, said Majority Leader Seth Yardin. If the department finds evidence of the report’s claims, the case will be presented to the state police.

Rhode Island will celebrate Earth Day this weekend with a multitude of events. Head to the Roger Williams Park Zoo to Party for the Planet, or just stay at Brown for an entire week of activities.

The former president Robert Ricci of the North Providence City Council has announced he will plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and mail fraud after being involved in a scheme to make $50,000 in a fraud insurance claim. Also allegedly involved was a radio personality Tanya Cruise, the owner of the house to be used in the insurance claim and a former North Providence city councilman Vincent DiPaolo. Ricci is scheduled to testify on June 1 and could face a $1.25 million fine and up to 85 years in prison or both.

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