Students who do cool things: Kathy Bui ’12, president of Ivy Council

Since April 9, Kathy Bui  ’12 has been in charge of overseeing the eight schools that comprise the Ivy Council. Before being elected the Ivy Council’s president at a conference at Yale, Kathy was Brown’s head delegate. Now she leads the efforts of all eight delegations. Last Monday and Tuesday, she was in D.C. at the U.S.-China Consultation on People-to-People Exchange, a U.S. Department of State effort to increase exchanges between America and China.

“I represented Ivy Council and presented our goals on moving forward with the Ivy-China exchange to Secretary Mchale, who then presented what I said to Hillary Clinton,” Kathy explained. Started in 2008, this initiative aims to increase communication between Chinese students and American students at the Ivies. Every other year, the Ivy Council sends a representative to China as part of the program.

Kathy’s position as president enables her to become heavily involved with student leadership at all eight Ivys.  The Chronicle of Higher Ed might think we’re a second rate-school, but we have a Brunonian heading ivy council for the next year.

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