(Campus)lifehacker: Cracking Jo’s


The semester is dying down, and due to a few too many Blue Room bread puddings (ok, way too many), we’re once again forced to delve into the nitty-gritty of the uncrackable Brown University Meal Plan.

But don’t give up hope! One BUDS cashier (who wishes to remain anonymous) with apparently wayyy too much time on her hands has done all the heavy lifting for us–at least at Jo’s. Just enter the minimum and maximum bounds of what you want to spend (probably close to $6.15 or $12.30; or between 0 and any low amount of money), and the program will spit out every possible permutation of items, complete with a random color changer!

There are also useful, easier-to-read PDFs of more common searches. Perhaps most refreshing is the simple list of item prices: after all these years, we can finally know how much that cookie really costs.


  1. Why do you say she has “wayyy too much time on her hands”? Stop trying to make yourself seem cool and superior. If you had any knowledge of Computer Science you’d probably realize that this, while a cool app, didn’t take her “wayyy too much time” but maybe 6 or so hours.

    Why not just say “great job on the app” without throwing in some qualifiers that make you feel better about not having created something by devaluing the effort?

    Good day

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