(Campus)lifehacker: Improving your Blue Room muffins

Is there jam on your muffin? Would you like us to assign someone to put jam on your muffin?

If you’ve never noticed the free packets by the Blue Room registers, get with it and start making your baked goods more delicious.

We all know the problem with muffins is that the rest of the muffin will never be as good as the crunchy top part — which is where the jam comes in. Finally, you have a reason to eat the otherwise boring muffin bottom.  (Muffin bottom? lol.)

Our favorite combo? Corn muffins and strawberry jam, though we like the strawberry with lemon and poppy seed, too. We’d probably steer clear of the fruit muffins since that might be a little much. As for pistachio muffins: they are so good that they require no supplement.

Any other good combos you’ve tried?

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