Spotlight on the State House: Vol. XI

No, tomorrow’s not just the Royal Wedding — the House and Senate will approve resolutions today to declare April 29 “World Wish Day” in Rhode Island. But that’s not all the General Assembly has been up to…

State Rep. Christopher Blazejewski introduced a bill that would help the state become a “national leader” in social ventures — privately-funded companies looking to serve a public good. “Rhode Island is well-positioned to become the Silicon Valley of the social venture movement,” Blazejewski said.

Sen. John Tassoni Jr. is sponsoring a bill to prohibit cell phone usage by students in schools except in the case of emergencies. The bill would also establish penalties for students violating the bill, including relinquishing their phone for the remainder of the school year for a fourth offense (what!). Old people may continue to use their phones in whatever fashion they like.

Sen. Rhoda Perry is sponsoring a bill called “The Healthy Pregnancies for Incarcerated Women Act” that would specify protocol for use of handcuffs and shackles for prisoners in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. The bill will be considered by the Senate Committee on Judiciary today. We tried to say something funny about this bill, but pregnancy jokes are really, really bad.

Happy weekend!

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