Study break of the day: May 2, 2011

With the start of reading period, we’re going to be bringing you Study Breaks, instead of the usual time-wasters. Study breaks are designed to waste more time than a time-waster, for when you just can’t stand to read another page of your textbook or write another sentence of your paper.

HuffPo certainly was subtle

Unless you were living under a rock (or in the Rock) last night, you’ve doubtless already heard that Osama Bin Laden is dead. But that doesn’t mean you’ve already heard enough about it, right? We’re going to bring you the kind of analysis only BlogDailyHerald could provide (or link to) after the jump.

First off, if you missed Obama’s speech announcing Bin Laden’s death, you can watch it here. As every news anchor on TV last night kept saying, it is the MOST IMPORTANT, HISTORICAL SPEECH EVER.

On a serious note, we can look at the details of the actual operation and start speculating on the effect on American foreign policy. You can get a glimpse inside the “mansion” he was hiding in and learn more about the execution of the operation. While hundreds flocked to the White House to sing and cheer and wave flags and others gathered at Ground Zero, some were wondering about the appropriate way to react to Bin Laden’s death. And no, the war is not over.

Then we can look to FoxNews to provide the slip-of-the-tongue that was almost inevitable on such a night — the Obama Osama switch. Watch Geraldo Rivera screw this up. Other people probably did it too.

HuffPo has reactions from former and current presidents and politicians.

And now we let Twitter play us out with some gems from last night:

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