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David Poritz ’12

Why we love him:
We don’t know too many people like David Poritz: a student, under 30, and the president and founder of a corporation. David has a social agenda that is totally unique to the oil industry.  Not only is he committed to bringing justice to a generally inhumane industry, but he has also created Equitable Origin, a company that will protect and sustain the Ecuadorian community from which the oil comes and provide consumers with the smartest option in car fuel on the market.The most powerful point David made in our hour long interview was that Equitable Origin is not an idea that happened over night. He has been researching and living in Ecuador for 10 years now.  The kid has spent literally half his life coalition building and fighting the oppressive systems that have damaged indigenous Latin American communities.  David is incredibly knowledgeable and driven.  There are “blood free” diamonds, “fair trade” produce, and now, thanks to David and his team, there will be “equitable origin” oil.

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