James Franco-Charlie Rose interview now online

For those of you who missed James Franco’s hotly anticipated appearance on campus last month as part of the Ivy Film Festival, Charlie Rose has now uploaded the video. You can watch the full interview here. At about 53 minutes, it can serve as the perfect break from whatever book your nose is buried in.

Photo credit: Emily Gilbert / Herald


  1. Sasha Deveaux

    The second time I happened upon the Rose/Franco interview, I was even more convinced that Franco’s \persona,\ is even more purile than the one I saw at the Oscars. I’ve never seen him in anything other than the Oscars, and based on that, won’t bother. The interview was a curiosity. Franco is inarticulate, self-mastibatory (his facial hair), unable to focus on an interviewer, and barely able to form an intelligent answer. Rose allowed Franco to run the interview. Perhaps it was to showcase that this young man has little abilty to express what his applications are, and how they are diversified, to any intelligible degree. Maybe he thought that, like the Oscar job, this Brown interview was a blow off, as well. Bravo to Rose for allowing Franco to prove that he really is a shallow stoner, who doesn’t do what is expected of him. Franco showed how little he gets about the business, when he said the Oscars are a bore anyhow, so why try? Not always. Only when people like him, with little integrity, are hired. After all of his, ya knows, likes, sort ofs, umms and hmms, I would write this clunker off any film I’d hope to have make any money for investors. His so-called \craft\ is non-existent. Or he would have taken the Rose interview seriously, as well as the Oscar gig. He is so self absorbed, that I doubt anyone could have his attention for any length of time. Beware when he starts rolling his eyes to the back of his head and rubbing his hand all over his face. This is his act, you now see the \persona\ of idiot savant, psuedo intellectual.

  2. I must be watching something else then what Sasha is watching, because I am quite impressed with James’ answers. When I’m listening to an interview, I listen more to the content then the “umms” and “hmms” that don’t take away anything from the interview.

    If a person saw James only at the Oscars, then that person hasn’t seen his best performance. If you see his performances in Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express and his Oscar-nominated turn in 127 Hours (to name a few) then you’d have a better sense of what James can do as an actor.

    127 Hours is an example of James at his best. In the arm severing part of the movie, James’ face twitches and contorts in such as a way that you can almost feel the agony and exhilaration of his character. It’s almost a must-see performance for anyone who wants to become an actor. It’s that good!

    I guess for me, I can understand where James is coming from…
    He is at an opportune moment in his life where his celebrity status allows him to do things that he couldn’t do before his fame. We can’t fault him for this. Let’s be honest; if we have the name recognition that would allow us to work with people that we respect/admire, whether in academia or in the art/film/writing world, we would probably jump at that chance too.

    Of course we would, it would be foolish not too. In fact, we should commend him for doing something positive with his fame
    (since its usually fleeting) instead of making a mess of his life like Sheen and Lohan.

  3. yeni arely

    the two comments are a real contrast. james I think, do and give their best, but some people are forgetting is another human being will not meet the expectations of all, we can not require that you do it perfectly or just to please some group. I liked the work I do in the Oscar awards. With regard to diversification in the art, it is true that seems to have some obsession with sex, and inclined towards art, I think there are people who appreciate this kind of art. If I do not
    If egocentric ?…. It is probably a movie star, you might expect. If all they think, they are the last Coke in the desert, someone can not JOINING them because they are people who live a transparent capsule in his own world, but not all are equal. I think I could be more than one that makes the difference, and we are all people that we engage ourselves, but we admit, we are all self-centered we think important, and we believe that we alone have interesting things to say of himself, the difference is a good listener, interested in learning more about our partner, to allow for expression, to show genuine interest in his words, perhaps we can to catch something. It is easy to destroy critics, but it is also easy to see the good work done by James with his work as an actor, not for nothing received awards in this field. Form reading of James is another facet of art, and that makes it perfectly well, just admirable because whenever you hear of is to inform you that you are making a new project or because they continue with their studies, always working. That’s really admirable.

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